Contemporary Art Museum (CAM)

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CAM Raleigh’s premiere groundbreaking exhibitions featuring Dan Steinhilber in the main galleries and Naoko Ito in the Independent Weekly Gallery. CAM Raleigh is the culmination of the dreams of many who imagined, planned, persevered, and achieved. This core group of dedicated dreamers believed deeply in “firsts”—both in new concepts and in innovative artists and designers you may not know today but will know tomorrow.

CAM Raleigh

As you travel through this new building you will have numerous opportunities for exploration and engagement. The architecture invites a fantastic profusion: suddenly, everywhere you look, people are seeking out new experiences and opportunities to engage, interact, and contribute.

CAM Raleigh

Artists talks, community workshops, dialogue with our staff and docents—all are exceptional occasions to wade through the city’s cultural landscape as it is shaped by CAM Raleigh.


They encourage you to take advantage of their programs, to discover new ideas, to add to the conversations, to be inspired and to always explore everything and participate in art and design moving forward.


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